About Lakeview

The hotel itself is over 60 years old, built in the early 1950s by political prisoners during the time of President Tito in Yugoslavia. Rich in history and nature, Lakeview Hotel and Resort is surrounded by the natural beauty and forests of the Prespa National Park. Both the hotel and restaurant are in an ongoing process of renovation and modernization in order to provide our guests with an ethnic yet traditional experience in the comfort of the 21st century.

Lakeview Hotel and Resort became a family owned and operated business in June of 2012. Projects and planning have begun that ensure the development of the complex over the next few years. The company currently employs 8-10 employees in the winter season and 16-20 employees in the summer season.



Pelagonia Leader Program

Picture1Lakeview Hotel and Resort is one of the founding members of the peLAGonia Leader program, an NGO which aims to improve and develop the Prespa region of Macedonia through strategic planning and global fund allocation. Lakeview is also a supporter and attendee of the AdventureEDU program to promote the development of adventure travel in Macedonia.


Interview with Yahoo! Travel

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